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Ideal Introductions: The New Referral Mindset (Coming Soon)

With Walt Goshert

Pursuing “Introductions” instead of referrals yields better leads and positions you as the trusted advisor with referred contacts from the first connection. Learn the introduction mindset and how you can create a winning referral system.


  1. Why a Perpetual Client System?
  2. The Difference Between Referrals and Introductions
  3. Creating a Winning Testimonial Process
  4. How to ask for an Introduction in 7 Steps
  5. Using 20 Miles to setup and automate relationship management.


  • Referral Activator Scorecard
  • Setting up an NPS Rating system
  • Testimonial Process Templates
  • Introduction Request Email Templates
  • 5 Workflow Templates for the Introduction System

The Producer Prospecting System Webinar

With Khuram Hussain & Walt Goshert

Insurance producers don’t have a prospecting problem, they have a prospecting system problem. In this webinar we outline the keys to creating a winning prospecting process and introduce you to our proven system staying organized and accountable to your follow-ups. 

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